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HME has been in business almost 25 years offering Specialty type Aviator and Pilot watches. We started with simple models like Casio Altimeter watches but evolved to a full offering of the Highest quality of Aviator Watches with excellent features such as GPS, Thermometers, Altimeter/Barometers as well as the usual features like Alarms and Chronographs.

Among our most popular makes are Citizen, Seiko, Pulsar, Torgoen and Tissot. We also have some selections from Tag Heuer, Casio, TW Steel, Nixon as well as offerings from our most unique item, the famous Geochron World Clock.

Here is a summary of the HME lineup. In Short, Citizen has had Aviator Watches for well over 25 years with their original model released in the early 80’s called the “Wingman” which offered a E6B Bezel as well as a Countdown Timer, Chronograph, alarm and date. The new addition which was unheard of back then was the offering of a 32 City “Digital” World Time watch, allowing you to easily select the timezone you were in and put that time in the digital area of the watch. Citizen continued to evolve with the Navihawk, which was an amazing addition to the Wingman lineup.

Today, Citizen has done amazing things with the most sophisticated model called the Skyhawk “AT”. This watch runs totally on Solar energy and has no batteries to ever replace. A charge on some of the models can sit in a dark area like a safe for up to 1 year and hold it’s charge, coming to life as soon as it it brought back into a well lit area.

The “AT” stands for “Atomic Time” which in a number of areas on the planet, have a Atomic Time transmitter, which this model syncs to and keeps the watch totally accurate within a micro second. These watches also offer a backlight for the digital window, which when considering this watch has no battery, is an amazing feat!

Related to the “AT” Skyhawks, are the regular Skyahwk models which even though they do not offer the Atomic Time sync or the Back-Lite, have all the exact same features and functions are as also very popular models that we have sold hundreds of. The Skyhawk models all offer E6B Calculator Bezels, 32 City World_Time displays as well as 2 programable Alarms, Day and Date displays, a constant Zulu-Time analog subdial as well as scratch resistant Mineral Crystals. They are available in All Stainless Steel or Titanium cases and Bracelets as well as Leather and Neoprene Straps on some models. There is also the very popular BlueAngels models of the Skyhawk which offers the exact same features but of course, have cosmetic differences.

Citizen also offers a GMT (24 hour, military time) model and the new SST, which has features similar to the Skyhawk but with cosmetic differences.

Some history with Seiko tells us that the original Pilot watch came out in the 70’s and was called simply, the “Seiko Flight Computer” and has been with us ever since. This is the perfect Pilot model for those who don’t like the digital style of watches and want a functional all Analog type timepiece. The Seiko is a very high quality model that probably will outlast any other model we offer and is especially attractive for the price compared to the quality of the watch. The Seiko Flight Computer lineup consists of all Stainless Steel models to 2/Tone (Stainless with Gold Highlights) and all Gold Plated models. Even though the watches are gold plated, Seiko has an excellent record of the gold lasting for years with no tarnishment which is usually a big complaint with gold plated watches. Seiko also has just released recently, a new Flight Computer which is now Solar Powered and never requires a battery. Even though Seiko has the best record of offering a long battery life, this is a very welcome addition to the Seiko lineup. It is an excellent addition to the Seiko lineup.

Another very popular timepiece we offer is from Torgoen Watch . This lineup is an incredibly High-Quality line of watches that in our opinion, has the quality of a Breitling! The Torgoen was way ahead of their time in they were one of the first to offer the Larger Cases for men, usually between 42 and 45mm. You may have noticed in just the last couple years, almost all manufacturers are now offering very large watches, including ladies watches. They have a very diverse lineup of watches from a simple, GMT type, offering a 24 Hour Hand in addition to the regular hands, to some beautiful Chronographs as well as Chronographs with GMT 24 hours hands. Their Cases and Bracelets are just Beautiful! Torgoen is one of the only Aviator manufacturers that actually offers ladies models. To name a couple of the Torgoen models, the original T1 is a Chronograph with an E6B Calculator Bezel offered in an All Black ION Stainless Steel case with either a Leather or Rubber/Neoprene Strap. The T5, is a no frills but elegant GMT type model with the GMT/24 Hour hand and is offered in Men’s and Ladies sizes as well as many colors and band options. The T8 series is a unique offering of watches with 3 separate time zones right on the face! Perfect for the traveler that goes between a number of time zones on a regular basis.

One of our favorites is the new T7, which is a very attractive Chronograph as well as offering an 2nd analog time zone in it’s own subdial. This model has a very impressive face and case and offers a number of colors and bands. One of the newest releases is the new T22, which is almost more like a designer watch with it’s amazing color coordinated dials, faces and straps, all offered in Leather Straps. The newest model is the new T30, offering a Chronograph and GMT/24 hour hand in a simple but sturdy Black ION Stainless case and all offered with a lightweight Neoprene Strap.

Even though the T6, T16, T18 and T22 weren’t mentioned, they are all super choices offering something for anyone.

We also offer the Pulsar line (Pulsar is a division of Seiko for those of you that wanted a little trivia). Pulsar offers many of the same features as some of our other models but at a more economical price. We have a few models that are major sellers such as the Tech-Gear Aviator lineup offering an all Analog watch with a Chronograph, E6B Calculator Bezel, a daily alarm, Dual Time Zone subdial and a Date window. This model comes in 3 choices, a Stainless Case with a Neoprene Strap, A all Stainless Steel model and lastly, an all Gold-Tone model, all at extremely low prices, especially when considering the features. Pulsar also offers 2 all digital models, the PQ series which has World Time, Chrono, Countdown timer, Day/Date. This model comes in either all Stainless Steel or one with a Neoprene Strap. The 2nd model the PS Series, offers much “Bang for the Buck” as it offers all the same as the PQ model, but an Altimeter as well!

We have some models from Tag Heuer, Tissot and even Gucci for their all Digital “I-Gucci” model.

Lastly, for those that want the unusual and unique, check out the Geochron World Clock. This clock is nothing shy of being AMAZING! It is a major source of information as well as a conversation piece that you just don’t see everyday. It is a fairly large wall clock that horizontally is 34” x 23” high that has a moving map that displays where the sun is shinning on the planet at anytime. It even adjusts for the season changes, reflecting the sun “Footprint” on the Earth at any time of the year. Since this product is quite heavy and requires a sturdy shipping crate, we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders within the US, 48 States.

If you have any questions or concerns, drop us an email at or a call at 888.464.6660 anytime.

We look forward to hearing from you!