PULSAR, born the 1970’s, an age of optimism. At that time everything seemed achievable through the rapidly growing technological expertise at the world’s fingertips.

Space flight had been converted from dream to reality, computer science was developing at breakneck speed and electronics seemed to deliver new advances every day.

PULSAR symbolised the age. It was new and bold. It was surprising as well as different. PULSAR created the first electronic digital watch in the world and it created a sensation when it was unveiled in New York, changing the world’s perception of time.

Since its re-launch by SEIKO Watch Corporation PULSAR has found that narrow path to success that unites innovative design with universal appeal.

The PULSAR proposition “Tell it your way” is based on the insight that every watch buyer is an individual who seeks, overtly or subtly, to express his or her individual personality through their watch. PULSAR is a brand that understands this dynamic offers watch lovers an invitation to find within the PULSAR brand the watch that fits into the narrative of their unique lives.

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