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Timepieces have been around for over five hundred years, evolving from bulky items that only served one purpose to state of the art smart watches that sync up with mobile phones. With these advances, the capabilities of a watch have changed. They can monitor heartbeats, track location, and even have more than one time-zone on them. One industry that has seen the biggest increase in overall handiness of a watch is the aviation industry.

Through the decades, as technology has advanced, and pilots need attitude indicators, altimeter readings, and proper Zulu time, it can get a bit complicated what with having charts and kneeboards in the cockpit with you. Yet the world of aviator watches has opened a new door in having up to date readings all in one spot.

Why go for an aviator watch when many pilots are using tablets to store charts and other important documents? Because a watch is always easily available on the wearers wrist, and some of the higher end models even have E6B capabilities, meaning calculating fuel consumption, time/distance, and even converting statute to nautical miles. Having one piece of equipment that is small enough to wear and still maintain quality information in such a demanding industry is fantastic.

Aviator watches aren’t just useful to those that fly. Avid hikers, travelers, and even those that love knowing that information can use these watches. With the altitude and compass readings on many models of aviator watches, it is easy for hikers to keep track of their direction, and elevation, which could save lives. For travelers, watches with multiple time zone capabilities, it’s easy to be in a different part of the world, and still keep track of the time at home without doing a lot of math.

Overall aviator watches are an amazing piece of machinery engineered for a demanding industry to help simplify some processes. But these pieces aren’t just limited to those in the air. Hikers, travelers, and anybody who really wants one can sport a watch that does so much more than tell time. And who knows, maybe the next time you’re flying to a destination, you might learn something about how the world of aviation works.

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