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Aviator and Pilot Watches on the HMEWatch website

Altimeter/Special Features Watches
The HMEWatch website features many special Feature-Timepieces with Altimeters and Compass displays. All watches offered by HMEWatch has been checked for quality sensors and can be used by both Hikers and Aviators for Altitude and Heading assistance.

Chronograph Models
A very popular feature among watch enthusiasts, our Chronographs offer from 30 minute flight times to full 12 hour recording. Great for any Aviator keeping track of time for cross-country flying as well as short holding patterns.

Citizen Watches
Citizen watches have been a very large supplier of Aviator Timepieces for many years with some of the most innovative watch movements available. Their newest technology utilizing Solar-Power (Eco-Drive) means the watch which never requires a battery change. Their newest line of watches called the "AT" series also provides "Atomic-Time Sync" keeping their watches right on the second.

E6B Pilot Watches
Pilot/Aviator style Watches that feature an E6B calculator Bezel, popular with Pilots for calculating Time/Distance, fuel consumption, Statute to nautical conversions as well as simple multiplication / division calculations.

HMEWatch Company
HMEWatch presents our newest line of Aviator Timepieces with our new Full Featured "AT" series (Aviator Timepiece) offering many features in one timepiece. Direct pricing only on the HMEWatch website offering from 38% to a full 50% of the Retail value!

Seiko Watches
Seiko is a long term supplier of Aviator/Pilot timepieces that have had excellent quality for years. Seiko is also known for it's excellent quality providing the user with long term service.

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